Monday, June 8, 2015

Urban Podcasts

Podcasts are a fast emerging media medium on the internet. In September 2000, the first system that enabled the selection, automatic downloading and storage of serial episodic audio content on PCs and portable devices was launched [6] from early MP3 player manufacturer, i2Go. In October 2000, the concept of using enclosures in RSS feeds was proposed in a draft by Tristan Louis,[8] The idea was implemented (in a somewhat different form) by Dave Winer, a software developer and an author of the RSS format. In June 2003, Stephen Downes demonstrated aggregation and syndication of audio files in his Ed Radio application. Ed Radio scanned RSS feeds for MP3 files, collected them into a single feed, and made the result available as SMIL or Webjay audio feeds.

Now with all that, were are the Urban Podcasts. Well there is no designation on any of the big download sites. Sticher, iTunes, and Tunein simply don't have the classification. Opting for the sad viel of hip hop. Not that, that's the only reason. There just are not that many producers of podcast content in urban areas. The quality producers opt for the standard YouTube uploading of shows and video. But there is one, D'NewZ Podcast.

The D'NewZ  podcast produced by D'NewZ Media, is blog and podcast covering global news, and focusing on urban and minority topics. The interview entrepreneurs, marketing experts, authors, comedians, and mayors. There two hosts Dj. Normski who despite his name is softer spoken devils advocate on many topics. He has a masters degree in educational design and often has segment of heavy depth. Tone Capone 'The Big Homie' is the lead host with a opinion on everything, despite some foul language that is bleeped, he is able to really describe just about anything completely in it's most basic form. While the two interact there is a chemistry weather serious or on the humorous side. The D'NewZ podcast is a light in a sea of darkness for the Urban community. They are rapidly growing and are sure not to disappoint. The podcast for D'NewZ in availible on iTunesSticher, and Tunein, as well as most other podcast sites. They also have a News Blog

The bottom line is that we need more Urban podcasts. The producers of the content are out there, they just have to be shown that it a viable opportunity. In the mean time D'NewZ with rule as they undisputed #1,

Justin Bughphargt